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today the president will tour louisiana where some people are saying the levees worked too well. good morning, everyone. welcome to "news4 today." i'm angie goff. >> i'm jordan. >> we're talking about flooding. just at every time we get a downpour news4's megan mcgrath is live in the bloomingdale section of d.c. where it has happened again. >> reporter: actually, right now things are looking pretty good. this is rhode island avenue behind me here at first street. you can see that everything is dry right now. but this has become a real trouble spot. folks in this area has seen flooding four times in the last several weeks including yesterday. take a look at this video. this was shot during the height of the flooding after they saw the torrential downpour 'they actually had to rescue one man who got swept up in the flood waters. they used an inflatable boat to get to him. there were a number of cars that
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stalled out and got stuck in the flood waters. as i said, this isn't the first time it's happened. they've had four different instances in the last just several weeks where they've had flooding this this area. there are folks who lived here who had their basements flooded. they had to throw things away. they had to pull out all of the furniture and carpets and dry them out again. it's become a very, very frustrating situation for people who live in this neighborhood. now, what's going on? d.c. water says that mother nature is to blame, not clogged storm drains. sxwr very large amount of rainfall has fallen want short period of time. we do not think it's a matter of clogged drain or clogged pipes. it's just the sheer quantity of flow that's going into them. it's motor than tre than the pi handle. >> reporter: things are dry right now but we are expecting more rain in the forecast. as you can imagine, folks around here a little nervous about what might come later on this afternoon. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news 4. the heavy rain caused
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flooding on the tracks at the shaw howard metro station. they closed the station to drain the water. all train service between georgia avenue and mt. vernon square is suspended. the stations will not reopen for another hour, until about 7:00 a.m. such a mess. on the roads and also on the rails. as megan said in her report, now just bracing for more. >> right. more scattered, heavy rain around the area. in a couple of minutes i will be headed outside to our storm team4 weather deck which i'm sure will be a little wet. hopefully no puddles for me to get over. 6:39 is the first sun rise. as you look, you can see a little bit of light just trying to shine through. we've got a mostly cloudy sky. we're at 76 degrees right now with a light wind. it's been generally out of the southeast. temperatures throughout the west of the area as we look far and wide up to the north state college is at 70. philadelphia, pennsylvania, 75. 73 right now in virginia beach. we've had some isolated showers and storms around here.
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we're going to be getting some more storms later today. look at what's west of us. around west virginia, ohio, kentucky. a lot of rain from the remnants of isaac. and that will be interacting with a weather front right around our area. closer inspection, there's a light shower there. manassas and wood bridge headed to the northeast out over the water first but probably holding together. forecast for today, noontime, 81 with high humidity. max out at about 83 with the drenching storms coming our way later today. mike? >> thank you. looking good right now on the interstates. hov restrictions have been lifted with the exception of route 50 in maryland for the federal holiday. let's look at the problem in jessup. sht shutting down waterloo road. building fire there. also dealing with an accident on westbound 66 before route 50 shutting down the right lane. only causing a slight delay. and let's take a look at the eastbound traffic as you make your way from 286 to the
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beltway. 11-minute ride at 58 miles an hour. richard, angie? >> thanks. isaac has come and gone but the storm left a trail of devastation in its wake. president obama will visit the storm-ravaged region today. he will tour louisiana and review recovery and response efforts. the president declared federal emergencies in louisiana and mississippi. right now hundreds of thousands of people are still without power, including more than 200,000 louisiana alone. the storm is to blame for at least seven deaths, as well. most of new orleans was spared by isaac's wrath thanks to new levees built after hurricane katrina. but some louisiana residents are complaining at the levees. they say the levees diverted flood waters to other areas of the state causing more damage. >> you're going to put the flood system up, is ch is a good thing. food thing. it stopped the city from flooding, it's a good thing. but you're not going to worry about where you're pushing the
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water? >> we would not have built a system that would have induced flooding in other places. >> the corps of engineers said it would l. run a variety of computer motd dells to figure out if the new levees caused problems in other areas of the state. michelle obama will arrive in charlotte today, a day before the democratic national convention begins. the first lady is scheduled to speak tomorrow night at the convention. she's expected to speak wednesday at the african-american and hispanic caucuses and attend 100 chon who honors officials who are gay, lesbian, or transgendered. many delegates arrived yesterday to check out their seats at the time warner arena. can't complain, virginia delegates are pleased with where they are going to be sitting. their seats right on the floor of the arena. that means you will probably be seeing them when you watch the convention on television. they say it's just goes to show how important the common wealth will be in the coming months. >> wow, we are key battle ground
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s state, so we are receive aggregate deal of attention. >> delegates from the district and maryland which are both heavily democratic, not so lucky. their seats are in the back of the arena. our own jim vance want to remind you he and tom sherwood are in charlotte for the democratic national convention and will be live on news4 all week. it isn't just democrats heading to north carolina. paul ryan will campaign in the tar heel state today. the republican vice presidential candidate will be in greenville, 250 miles from charlotte. the democrats had planned a similar strategy last week. vice president joe biden was going to campaign in tampa during the gop convention but canceled the plans because of hurricane isaac. we don't expect to see much of mitt romney this week. the republican presidential nominee plans on spending much of the week in private, preparing for his upcoming debates. romney will hold several practice sessions in vermont. ohio senator rob horton will play president obama in those
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mock sessions. the time is 6:06. a chance nfor local fans to see strasburg this year. getting barbecue inside? holiday forecast with weather and traffic on the ones. up next? up next? who needs
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you can't accuse taco bell of being boring. they are introducing a new breakfast drink that is sure to jolt you awake. it's a mix of mountain dew soda and orange juice. they are calling it mountain dew a.m. no details on the ratio of soda to o.j. or where it will be tested before becoming a mainstay at the fast food restaurants. i think we should hit up the vending machine and try it out ourselves. >> i just want to find out the
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caloric intake because orange juice has a lot of sugar in it. you get the mountain dew zero or something like that. >> no, use the real thing. coming up on 6: 11. time for weather and traffic on the ones. meteorologist veronica johnson has a look at the weather. >> you saw that shot there earlier with a lot of clouds. our live shot with the sun rise there. this morning it's 6:39. it's not going to be a pick chachur perfect day at all. radar, storm team radar showing showers out there. south and east of manassas. these are headed up into the areas around clinton maryland to 301. temperaturewise right now we've got 76 degrees in foggy bottom in d.c. 74. bethesda, 73. reston, 73 degrees. reston hometown forecast, 76 by 10:00 a.m. close to 80 by 2:00. top out at 83 there with this wet weather continuing around the area. any problems on area roads? the guy with the answer, mike?
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>> thank you, veronica. it's pretty good out there right now. hov restrictions have been lift we'd the exception of 50 in maryland for the holiday. accident on westbound 56 shutting down the right lane. looking as you can see, not causing a serious backup. slight eastbound rubbernecking delay. southbound 270 looking fantastic as you're heading towards the d.c. area. here we are in germantown. no serious backups there. right near the spur, looking fantastic. two-minute ride southbound 270 from the spur to the beltway at 61 miles an hour. metro rail is running on a sunday schedule. buses and rails, no service on marc or vre. time is 6:12. too close to comfort. way off-road during a race. and a troubling find on a beach that is raising some very big questions.
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. the man who called hichls the messiah and founded a new religious sect has passed away. korean evangelist sun myung moon died yesterday at the age of 92. the church is probably best known for 40eholding mass weddi. moon was the founder of the "washington times" newspaper. officials for the unification church say moon died from pneumonia.
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breaking news in pakistan. five people are dead, four injured, including two americans, from a suicide bombing. it happened in peshawar. police say a car filled with explosives crashed into a u.s. government vehicle early this morning. no americans were killed in the attack but two americans who work at the u.s. consulate were seriously hurt. no terrorist group has come forward to claim responsibility for the bombing. police in camden, new jersey, have a man they are questioning in aer ho riff fik crime. someone stabbed two children in their home early sunday morning. a 6-year-old boy and 12-year-old sister is in critical condition. the children were asleep when the attack happened. their mother recently had a dispute with a man in their neighborhood. police are not saying anything about a possible motive though. discovery on the shores of rhode island causing big concerns. local fisherman found the remains of a 13-foot great white shark that had washed ashore. state biologists were not able
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to figure out how the shark died. local beach manager thinks the shark got caught in a fisherman's net and washed on the beach after it died. as a precaution, beaches in the area closeding on saturday. they have now reopened with police boats watching out for other sharks. the cdc says this could be the worst year on record for the west nile virus since it was detected in the united states. nearly 1600 infections have been reported and 66 deaths. that is up 40% from last week alone. every state except alaska and hawaii have seen outbreaks. the hardest hit, texas, has nearly half of the infections. health officials from coast to coast are spraying insect sides to prevent the spread of the disease. >> it's a late summer disease, so the fact that we've got so many cases this early and it's so wide spread are really does not bode well. >> exberperts say you can try aw home remedies to keep from getting it. they recommend dressing in long sleeves and pants, staying
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indoors at dusk and down, and using deet bug repellant and draining pools or puddles of warm water which are breeding grounds for infected mosquitos. one month to go in the regular season the nationals have more wins than they had all of last season. they won again yesterday beating the cardinals 4-3. it was the nat's 81st victory of the year. they won 80 games last season. they also hold 6 1/2 game first place lead over the atlanta braves. steven strasburg struck out nine hitters, gave up just two hits, and did not allow a single run in the sixth inning. the nationals will only get two more outings from strasburg. the team says he will be shut down for the season after his september 12th start in new york. that means his final game at home will be friday night against the miami marlins if nats have been the talk of the baseball world in if recent weeks because of their decision to shut down strasburg early
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this year. he paid attention to the controversy. >> no, i'm just focus to think next start. that's all i can really focus on right now. but, you know, we're going to have to have a sit down and talk here soon. >> strasburg leads the national league in strike yous. he's pitched 156 1/3 innings. that is the most in his professional career. so he's not doing bad but just taking a precaution and this has become so controversial. i know that jim vance had his view on it and stirred up emotions on people. we love our nats. they are on a role. >> i was thinking they didn't allow a single run but it was in six innings. even more impressive. >> you don't do sports. >> no. it's labor day. i'm on vacation. >> the nats are doing great. two more times to see him. last home game here. you're going to want to catch that unless you want to go to new york. >> who doesn't? thousands of fans get a
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chance to see them in baltimore. >> the second annual grand prix of baltimore. cars raised around the 75-lap, two-mile race and in the end ryan hunter took over the lead near the end of the race. he was able to pull away and take home that grand prix title. and i believe that someone in the house here was out there watch that race. >> yeah. with her head zipping back and forth. >> let's go to veronica. >> i think i took a picture of every single car except for the sun drop one that won. you f. you look hard, i still have my hand stamped. >> did you shower? i was going to say that. i showered twice and it's still there. they want to make sure when you go in and out, you're allowed in and out with your ticket paid. great time though. the weather held out for a good chunk of the race. the showers started coming in around lap 19, lap 20. it got kind of they. don't let the cloud cover scare
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you today. going the talk about showers and storms. like yesterday, it's going to be wet for the whole entire day. 76 right now. the wind and the southeast, it's light. not much of a wind blowing. humidity is high. just kind of hanging in the air. the high humidity. 72 to 76 degrees. range in temperatures right now. we do still have some light showers hanging on around wood bridge and st. mary's in calvert county. big rains to the west. it's going to be rotating through today with a cold fronts that's going to be stalled out around our area. we will have the showers and even some storms for the afternoon. stop it at 3:00. i'll stop it at tomorrow morning, too, because tuesday morning, back to work, back to school. a little wet again around our area. again, high humidity. once more. and some showers and storm for even your tuesday and wednesday afternoon. stop it right there at 3:00. so wet for the next three days. temperaturewise, about 83 to 86. area roads, hey, mike, what's
6:22 am
going on? >> well, veronica, still looking great right now. not a lot of interstate delays. federal holiday today. hov restrictions lifted with exception in route 50 in maryland. problem on southbound 395, edsall road shutting down two right lanes. let's look at the camera zoomed in there. 12-minute ride to the beltway on southbound 395 at 53 miles an hour. still have the didn't westbound 66. not causing any serious backups. looks like most of the activity has been moved to the shoulder. right now, 6:22. ahead, the search for clues in an air show crash. what investigators say the pilot did not do before the crash. and even on the holiday, why some speed cameras are being put to work today.
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nlthsds a molg. truck driver says his wheels hit a mud hole and it caused him to lose control. the truck went over a barrier and its four-foot tall tires hit three people in the crowd. they are all in the hospital
6:26 am
this morning. we are learning more about the pilot who was killed during iowa's quad city air show. glen smith was flying in, in formation with two other jets saturday when he failed to make a turn and crashed. smith was the newest member of the hopper flight team. the pilots said he had 25 years of flight experience. investigators say he gave no may day before going down. hundreds of spectators were watching when that plane did go down. no one was hurt in the crash. the time right now is 6:26. ahead, who says a navy s.e.a.l. who wrote a book about the bin laden raid has an ax to grind. also, the dramatic video that led to criminal charges against a local police officer. a chance of a holiday washout. weather and traffic on the ones coming up. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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officer accused of surveillance video that shows an encounter that could have been a lot worse. and the stage is set for the democratic national convention. what one delegate did that got him kicked out even before the event begins. good morning. welcome to "news4 today." i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. now, this morning people in the bloomingdale neighborhood in northwest d.c. have another clean-up job ahead of them after another round of flooding. news4 was there as d.c. fire and ems crews rescued a man trapped inside his car during a flash flood along rhode island avenue last night. the problem is not new to this neighborhood. we're going tv more frustrations coming up. right now, though, dry skies overhead in some parts but the big question is will the rain
6:31 am
hold out for the holiday. meteorologist veronica johnson is out on the storm 4 weather deck. it looks like you do not need an umbrella. >> i do not. but i'm going to need something to dry off with before i come in, not from the rain but from the high humidity. i'm standing on storm team4 weather deck, on my phone wait for you to tweet me. you've been asking me on twitter, can i get one of these. storm team4 weather mug. it was a big hit last time i filled in morningside. so i thought i would do it again. why not? here's how it works. all you have to do is be the first person to follow and tweet me. vjohnsonnbc4. it's fun. if you do you get the weather signs, technology, and nature news tweets from me all day long, forecast, too. great way to stay in touch with nbc washington and weather. 76, your temperature right now. we've got overcast skies. wind is calm and light out here. i wish there was a little bit of a breeze. it might make it feel better.
6:32 am
storms in northern delaware. light showers that have been dying out just south of us around 95. got around fredericksburg. patchy fog, high humidity this morning. your temperature, 81 by noontime today. 83 is what we're going to top out with the high temperature for today. and storms could lead to drenching downpours around the area. that could lead to some flash flooding again as was the case yesterday. so today one of those days you want to relax inside and outside but just keep a watchful eye on the sky. meteorologist doug camera will have your forecast coming up for the afternoon hours. but again, it's looking pretty dry out here for right now. just very humid. back to you inside. >> thank you, veronica. let's look at the roads out there. here's mike. >> thank you very much. federal holiday, hov restrictions have been lift we'd the exception of 50 in maryland. let's look at the accident vehicle fire we're dealing with
6:33 am
it. edsall road, just the right lane is shut down right now as well as northbound ramp at 2-495. live shot of the accident. trying to get debris out of the way. it's a 13-minute ride heading south from the 14th street bridge to the beltway and some good news, westbound 66 just before route 50 that accident blocking the right lane has been taken out of the way. no residual delays. richard, angie? >> thanks. starting today it's going to cost you a pretty penny to speed on the streets in the district. that grace period is over for drivers busted by the city's 11 new speed cameras. tickets will set you back between $75 and $250, depending on how fast you're going. the speed cameras have generated $66 million for the city this year alone. but police say the cameras are more abo keeping the road safe. this morning we're looking at the surveillance video that led to assault charges for prince george's county officer. the footage was taken from a store in brentwood, maryland. it shows an officer striking a man with his gun.
6:34 am
you will see the flash right there. that's the gun going off because of this video corporal donald taylor was charged with second degr degree assault last month. taylor lied about february incident. he claimed a man was trying to rob a nearby gas station and attempted to take his gun. that suspect, 19-year-old ryan dorn, spent four months in jail until prosecutors dropped the charges. >> well, the video contradict what's the officer originally wrote in his charging documents. what it shows is that my client didn't lie. they pint may client as criminal, put his face on television saying he committed these crimes and he didn't. >> they filed a $10 million lawsuit against the police department and corporal taylor. the daughter of the student shot in the first day of school says his son is recovering. he did not say what condition his 17-year-old son daniel is in. 15-year-old robert glad season accuse of shooting daniel of perry high school -- perry hall
6:35 am
high school in baltimore last monday. daniel suffered a bruised lung, broken rib, and a hole in his torso. he is being charged as an adult with attempted murder and assault. police are investigating a drowning death. it happened yesterday afternoon. police say 59-year-old's wife found him at the bottom of their backyard swimming pool. her daughter called 911. while she tried to get him out of the pool and perform cpr. emergency crews took him to a nearby hospital where he died a short time later. a local navy s.e.a.l. killed in afghanistan will be honored today. petty officer first class of edge water, maryland, died in a blackhawk helicopter crash last month. six other u.s. service members also died. this morning family and friends are asking for residents to line solomon island's road with flags as his body travels to the funeral home. a viewing will be held tomorrow. a new e-book explains why a
6:36 am
former navy s.e.a.l. broke the code of silence and wrote a book about a raid that killed osama bin laden. it says that he had bad blood with s.e.a.l. team 6. he reportedly told his teammates he wanted to leave the s.e.a.l.s and start a business. they in turn forced him out of the group. he wrote a book called "no easy day" under a suit pseudonym mark owen. it's set to go on sale tomorrow. the "today" show is coming up next at 7:00. let's check in with natalie morales to see what they're working on this labor day morning. good morning, natalie. >> good morning, angie. a happy labor day to you. coming up on this monday morning on "today," president obama using the holiday to campaign and to tour isaac storm damage ahead of tomorrow's start of the democratic national convention. while mitt romney prepares for their upcoming debates. we'll have the latest on the presidential race. also ahead, prince harry appears in public today.
6:37 am
his first appearance since his wild night in vegas. we're going to get a live report from london. and the church of scientology slammed an upcoming article in "vanity fair" that claims it auditioned potential wives for tom cruise. all that, plus a special holiday concert on the plaza from match box 20. we'll get started on a monday morning here on "today." nice holiday crowd out there for them. angie, back to you. >> the plaza is going to be rocking. i love rob thomas. he's awesome. >> yes, he is. >> thampgs thanks, natalie. why some restaurants around here are feeling the pinch because of isaac. plus, not again. why some local people will be spending their labor day cleaning up. the maryland governor comment that he made that republicans immediately agreed with. at 6:55, a real life rescue for holiday star russell crow where he went a little off course.
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we're following a developing story in cal. massive wildfires forced thousand of people to evacuate from the angeles national forest. officia officials say a fire started yesterday afternoon and quickly grew to more than 3600 acres. about 300 firefighters are battling the wildfires using water dropping helicopters to try and knock down the blaze. fire investigators are still looking into what started that fire. this summer's seemingly never ending drought means you will have to pay more for popcorn. the drought is destroying entire crop's worth of corn. retail prices have jumped at least 10. it's costing more and taking longer for retailers to get popcorn and they're passing the price increases on to the
6:42 am
consumer but experts say you won't probably have to pay more for popcorn at the movies, just at the grocery store. >> popcorn is getting more expensive. so is gas. >> it's not a good day for you. >> not a good day. >> it's rough out there. but there's mountain dew with orange juice. >> something to look forward to. let's check in with meteorologist -- storm4 meteorologist veronica johnson as he talks about the clear skies that could have a bit of a change later on. >> clear, they're not, but we don't have anything falling from the clouds that we got outside right now, angie. overcast skies with the sun about ready to rise. 76 degrees right now and our winds calm. it was just over at my computer there looking at some of the information. latest out on the west coast. they've had an earthquake of 3.3 magnitude around los angeles area. near beverly hills. anything over three, it's weak. usually doesn't do any damage. but people usually feel it. so in the next hour, couple of minutes, even coming up, we'll
6:43 am
have more reports of that. 76, our temperature right now. look around the area. we're 72 up north. 76 in d.c. 78 degrees right now around packs river with all that cloud cover. we're going to be seeing more showers and even some thunderstorms later today. especially after noontime. we're going to be get ing there. oxon hill, maryland, 72. keep that umbrella handy. we're going to top out at 83 degrees with a high temperature today. very tropical not just today but tuesday and wednesday. mike? >> thank you very much, rveron a veronica. hov restrictions lifted with the exception of route 50 in maryland. southbound 395 still have the vehicle fire at edsall road. 495 is still blocked. live look. not much of a delay. 13- 13-minute delay to the beltway
6:44 am
at 51 miles an hour. looking good on the beltway in maryland. let's take a live look. here we are at new hampshire avenue. no serious delays in either direction. outer loop, a ten-minute drive to 270. mass transit metro on a sunday schedule vre, marc rail service not operating was of a holiday. democratic delegates are arriving in charlotte. one california delegate though is already on his way home. he was asked to leave before the convention even started after a night of partying and n. charlotte. apparently he and another delegate had too much to drink and became disruptive with the staff of a hotel. most of the delegates though, they're behaving themselves and some arrived in charlotte yesterday. many have already checked out where they're going to be sitting for the convention at the time warner arena. and there's a good chance you will be see virginia delegate it is you watch the convention on tv. their seats are ith on the floor of the arena and they say it
6:45 am
just goes to show how important the common wealth will be in the coming months. >> wow, we are a key battleground state so we are receive aggregate deal of attention. >> delegates from the district and maryland which are both heavily democratic aren't so lucky. their seats are in the back of the arena. but don't worry, we're going to com you up close. jim vance and tom sherwood are there. they will be live on news4 all week. paul ryan may be looking for thunder from the democrats ahead of their convention. the republican vice presidential nominee will campaign in greenville, north carolina, 250 from charlotte. vice president joe biden had planned on campaigning in tampa during the start of gop convention me canceled his plans, though, because of hurricane isaac. the obama campaign is counting on maryland congressman chris van hollins' experience with ryan to help defeat him and
6:46 am
mitt romney this november. he will speak at the convention tomorrow. he is helping vice president biden prepare for his debate with ryan. republicans are seizing on a comment maryland governor martin o'malley made on cbs' fat face the nation." take a listen. >> can you honestly say people are better off today than four years ago? >> no, but that's not the question of this election. without a doubt, we are not as well off as we were before george bush brought us the bush job losses, deficit, series of wars and the charge to the national credit card. >> o'malley went on to aa romney presidency could return the country to those days. they criticize it saying it's proof that obama's policies aren't working. paul ryan issued a statement saying, quote, while team obama continues their campaign of fear and division, we are talking
6:47 am
about the big issues that americans face. end quote. don't expect to see much of mitt romney this week though. the republican presidential nominee plans on spending much of the week in private prepare for his upcoming debate. romney will hold several practice sessions in vermont. ohio senator rob portman will play him in the box sessions. he played obama during john mccain's sessions four years ago. the privating quitity firm romney founded is a focus of a new investigation. new york's attorney general wants to see if some of the country's largest private equity firms abused it to avoid paying millions of dollars in taxes. bain capital is amongst the firms being subpoenaed. romney is not a focus of the investigation. some republicans are criticizing the timing of this news. president obama may not be interested in seeing any of clint eastwood's future political speeches but he will still see movies. the president says he's still a huge fan of eastwood despite eastwood's speech ripping the
6:48 am
president's at last week's republican national convention. obama calls eastwood a great actor and even better director. this morning residents in bloomingdale say they are fed up after yet another flood. at least one guy had to be fished out of the water after the heavy rain moved through. megan mcgrath is live there with a look at the damage. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, angie. we're here along rhode island avenue at first street. everything is dry right now. but this is the low spot that's been causing so many problems here. take a look at this video shot last night during the height of the flooding. there was a man who actually got swept up in the flood waters. he had to be rescued by fire screws. they came in with a rubber boat and rescued him. took him out of the area that was flooded here. they have been having quite a time in this neighborhood. they have flooded four times in recent weeks. as you would imagine, a very, very frustrating situation for folks who have gotten damage. they've had a water go down into their basements and repeatedly that have to pull out furniture,
6:49 am
dry out rugs, throw some things away. they're really getting quite sick of it. they said, again, last night it happened. it was quite a scene. >> the water would come up and go down within a short period of time. this is out here, the water was sitting here for like over an hour before it receded back into the sewer system. that's pretty -- that's not very good. >> reporter: so a lot of people asking, what's going on? why is this suddenly happening in this neighborhood. we did speak to someone with d.c. water and they think it's mother nature. just the amount of t water that fell in such a short period of time, the storms that we've had here this summer, they do not think it's an infrastructure problem. they do not think that we have storm drains that are clogged or anything like that. they just say it's a lot of waterfalling quickly. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news4. angie, back to you. metro will open the shaw howard station in just a few minutes after the heavy rain closed it down. there was flooding on the
6:50 am
tracks. all train service between georgia avenue and mt. vernon square was suspended. everything should be open like we said, in about 11 minutes, at the start of the 7:00 hour. ♪ the wet weather couldn't stop the annual labor day concert. the concert was moved inside to the eisenhower theater at the kennedy center. officials made the decision early yesterday because of the threat of bad weather. thankfully though, it didn't impact the crowds. the national symphony orchestra played to an almost packed house. >> always great to have a backup plan. >> yeah. >> need that today. actually your backup plan may become your real plan. >> yeah, yeah. effort afternoon and evening. it's not going to rain the entire day. we're dry out there right now. coming in from outside my papers are all yucky because of the the humidity. yucky is a good word for today. 76, the temperature. we've got a calm wind. a lot of folks just tweeted me with that mug that i give away. only one a day. i just love doing this.
6:51 am
they said does it come with mountain dew and o.j.? does it come filled with coffee? >> make it your own. >> i could try it, right? you know, some folks are probably doing that this morning. getting the mountain dew and o.j. and mixing it to the. 76 degrees right now throughout our area. we're in the low, close to the mid 70s. 78 our worst spot in annapolis, maryland. again, could clorve acrocover as the area. those have kind of continued to die out as made their way off to the east. fairfax right now just about ready to make its way inside of the beltway. you can see it here around reston and bethesda. that will be heading towards area of 50 right inside of the beltway. a little wet weather. for the most part, showers and storms back for the afternoon hours. here we go. on future weather at 3:00, storm team4 future weather, showers, scattered showers and storms throughout the area. could be getting more heavy ones because this is all moisture from isaac interacting a weather
6:52 am
front. thunderstorms even for tuesday afternoon and watch what happens on wednesday. get a little bit of break during the overnight period and back for the afternoon, showers and storms again. i think, in fact, on wednesday, our highest threat of rain coming through the area. for your afternoon, 80 to 84 degrees. occasional rain showers. sometimes heavy for your evening. we're still wet as we drop into the 70s. on your four-day forecast, your seven-day forecast, next three days is going to be pretty much status quo, the dry weather for friday, back to wet weather this weekend. mike? >> thank you, veronica. things are looking great right now. federal holiday today, labor day. lighter than usual delays on the interstates and good news, southbound 395 we had that car fire at edsall road. activity has been moved to the shoulder right now. live look as you can see, no serious slowdowns. 13-minute ride from the 14th street bridge to the beltway. 52 miles an hour. northbound side looking
6:53 am
fantastic as well. mass transit, it's a holiday today. met kro rail, metro bus running on a sunday schedule. no marc rail versus or vre service today. >> thank you. this labor day is a record setter at the pump. drivers are paying the most ever for a gallon of gas. nationally drivers are paying $3.83 a gallon. that is 23 cents higher than just the month ago. d.c.'s averaging just under $4 for a gallon of gas. virginia once again has the cheapest gas in our area at $3.69. that's still a 27-cent increase one month. maryland drivers are are paying $3.78 a gallon. 24 cents more than a month ago. west virginia drivers are paying 21 cents more than a month ray go. $3.90 a gallon. isaac is gone from the gulf coast but it's left a trail of devastation in its wake. president obama will visit the storm-ravaged region today. he will tour louisiana and review recovering response efforts. the president declared federal
6:54 am
emergencies in both louisiana and mississippi. right now hundreds of thousands of people are still without power, including more than 200,000 in louisiana. the storm is to blame for at least seven deaths as well. now, most of new orleans was spared by isaac's wrath thanks to new levees that were built after hurricane katrina. some louisiana residents are complaining about those levees. they say the levees actually diverted flood waters to other areas of the state causing more damage. >> you're going to put this flood system up, which is a good thing. good thing. it stopped the city from flooding. it's a good thing. but you're not going to worry about where are you pushing the water? >> we would not have built a system that would have induced flooding in other places. >> the corps of engineers said it will run a variety of computer models to figure out if the new levees caused problems in other parts of the state. you may be a business disappointed if you have a giant
6:55 am
crab feast planned for this labor day. many restaurants say there is a shortage of jumbo and large crab bs right now because of hurricane isaac. it damaged docks and roads along the gulf coast which disrupted the supply of crabs to the area. usually crabs are harvested in maryland but this year there's been a shortage of giant crabs from local waters. the u.s. coast guard is taking credit for rescuing one of hollywood's leading men. they rescued russell crow on saturday. he was kayaking with a friend on the long island sound when the two apparently got lost at night. the coast guard responded and helped guide crowe and his friend back. later crowe tweeted out, he wasn't lost, he says he just ran out of daylight. crowe is in long island filming a movie. >> not a good excuse, but keep in mind, normally his words are written for him. >> perhaps. >> come on. you read it. >> lost in translation, perhaps? i'm with v.j. on this one. i can't wait to find a way to use that one.
6:56 am
>> right. exactly. i'm speaking of daylight in the darkness, the west coast along los angeles, i mentioned this earlier, earthquake this morning, 3.3. that's very weak. typically doesn't do any damage. they usually feel it. some folks will be mentioning that around here. 83 and stormy again for the afternoon. >> all right, thanks. and that's going to do it for "news4 today." thank you so much for starting your labor day with us. >> the "today" show is coming up next. wee we will be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america? this message.
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